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Q. Do template purchases include demo data (quick start installation) ?

A. Quick start installation and demo database information is not included in the purchase. Full control over the website building process will give the user an understanding of the template that he or she would not otherwise obtain; resulting in a better and more efficiently managed website. The included documentation, along with hands-on support will ensure that using our products is a breeze.

Q. Why do you charge the VAT for european businesses and non-european countries ?

A. The VAT was a problem for me so I take a decision with a french tax lawyer.

n theory, it is possible for us to dismiss charging VAT for European businesses and non european countries. The process, however, is complex. Our e-commerce extension lacks the neccessary features to carry out the process. So in the end, with consultation from a French tax lawyer, we have decided to charge VAT for everyone.

Q. When installing a template, I get a »Jinstaller: :install: Cannot find XML setup file« message.

A. Unzipping of the package is required. Once inside, choose the folder that matches your Joomla version, within that folder you will find the archived template, ready for installation. Do not forget to view the installation manual by double clicking the file called "manual.html".

Q. I try to purchase a template via Paypal and I see this message : "Transaction failed - Paypal could not validate your credit card"

A. Paypal usually draws money directly from your associated credit card, but in your case a manual transfer from your bank account to your Paypal account is needed.

Q. I submitted an order but haven't received my template(s) yet.

A. You should receive an automated e-mail with the download link right after a successful payment. Make sure you check your spam folder if you don't see this e-mail. Alternatively, you can log in to, go to »Your account« and click on »Orders« to find the download link and your invoice under each specific order.

Q. Where is my invoice ?

A. Log in to, go to »Your account« and click on »Orders« to find the download link and your invoice under each specific order (»print« icon is located on the upper right side).

Q. I installed the template/theme but it looks nothing like your demo.

A. You need to assign your modules or blocks to the available positions for the particular template you just installed. Make sure you read the template installation file that came with the template. It shows in detail where the modules and blocks need to go to.

Q. How many websites can I use the purchased template for.

A. Our products can be used on as many personal or business domains you desire. Full customization of the template is allowed. Further distribution and resale of JoomSpirit products is forbidden.

Q. How do I remove the "Welcome to the frontpage" message on my Joomla homepage

A. Go to menu manager > Main menu > Home. Uncheck "display component title" in the paramaters section to the right.


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